Why Do I Need A Wedding Planner


It’s a question that will be on many couples minds, why do I need to pay someone when my sister, mum, aunty could do it, oh and the venue have a wedding planner?

The simple answer is, it takes on average 300 hours to organise a wedding, sounds crazy, but it’s true there are simply lots of elements that need to connect & work together. As planners we have the expertise to do the job for you, after all this is such an important occasion, why wouldn’t you want it to run smoothly and have an expert beside you all the way, ensuring every element is covered? An experienced planner can deal with hiccups and issues that you won’t even be aware of.

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There are so many ways we can help you, for example with advice on, budgets, timings, wedding suppliers, venues, catering, health and safety, church, stationery, guest seating, room layouts, and much much more. All in all, saving you time and taking away the stress.

Family and friends are wonderful people to give you support, but like any other job, it can’t be done properly without training and experience. It’s always good to remember that family and friends have other important roles for your wedding day preparations & on the day, they will also be your guests and will be looking forward to enjoying your day as much as you will, they are the ones you want beside you all the way on a personal level.

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Yes many venues do have coordinators, don’t confuse this with a wedding planner as a venue coordinator will be helping with the venue co- ordination on the day. They play a valuable role, but they are not involved with other outside elements of your planning. On your wedding day, a wedding planner will be at the venue solely for one reason, to make sure that your wedding day goes to plan and everything is exactly as you want. Even the very best venue can make mistakes, they are busy and sometimes are reliant on extra staff that may not be familiar with how things work, and we have literally had to add an extra table where one has been missed from the floor plan.

A wedding planner will always have an emergency kit on hand, I have found heel stoppers and needle and thread the most used, I have even had to sew a guest into her dress that split all the way down the back 20 minutes before the ceremony, and thankfully I had a pashmina at hand to help.

Always remember, it’s your day and you will still be very much in control of your wedding. You have the final say in all decisions. As a wedding planner I will be there every step of the way, ensuring your day is as personal and special as you are.

Thank you for reading my blog,