Give a Girl the Right Shoes and She Can Conquer The World


What girl doesn’t love shoes…..(ok so one of my daughters would love to get married in wellies ) ….. but on the whole most brides dream of wearing their ultimate shoe on their wedding day, and I totally don’t blame them, any excuse for a beautiful new pair , there is always a reason for new shoes!

Let’s get a bit practical though, first, do consider where you will be walking, for example as you get in or out of the bridal car, will you have to walk on cobblestones, or heavy stoned areas, then do think carefully, as a thin high heel will make even the most elegant bride walk a little oddly & don’t forget you will be photographed & watched the whole way through.  


Or is it a totally outdoor venue where you will find yourself slowly sinking in to the grass – thankfully with the aid of ‘Heel stoppers’ can certainly be a big bonus, these are not  for everyone, but certainly handy little gems to have close at hand (I admit my emergency wedding planning kit always has a few pairs ) But girls don’t despair, because I have noticed that little dilemma is an excuse for several pairs of shoes…….oh yes, any excuse, but practical. Many of my brides start off wearing their dream pair down the aisle, then another pair for photographs & wedding breakfast, then very often its fancy flip flops for dancing!


So girls go for your dream shoes, but do think about the surfaces you will be walking on, consider how you stand in them, remember, always shoulders back and head high. Golden rule, no matter how much you may adore the shoes, if they don’t fit you properly in the shop, Then they never will (sorry the truth hurts ) when you’ve purchased your treasures do  Wear them in, even for a couple of months before your big day, sometimes the leather or fabric needs to simply soften for more comfort.

Consider the length of your wedding dress with the height of your shoes, i.e if the hem is perfect with a high heel, how will it work with the flatties?

So enjoy buying the Choo’s  girls , don’t forget to take any labels off from the soles & also be aware that some shoes have a faint plastic covering, if this is not taken off, you’ll find the soles will look like they are shredding when you walk on the hard surface (I have actually seen this happen (it’s an odd look!) and thankfully been at hand to remove before any photos are taken!

It’s not only the brides that like the shoes, the grooms are joining in too, so some tips for the men, make sure the shoe fits well, wear them in before the day, remove any labels on the sole and lastly, (this is a biggy)… a lot of men’s expensive shoes have leather soles, which is lovely but they can also be very slippery, so do wear the soles in too. Always remember -an extra good polish on the day!

So best foot forward ready for a perfect day,

Julie Nicholls